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Top Medical Stocks For 2019

November is typically open enrollment time for millions who gethealth insurance, disability insurance and other benefits from an employer. If youre one of them, among your important choices is whether you want a flexible spending account and how much money to deposit.

FSAs are available through some employers as a part of benefits packages. You can spend FSA money only on qualified medical....More>>>

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The Securities and Exchange Commission on Friday rejected a proposed rule change that wouldve allowed for the creation of the first bitcoin exchange-traded funda decision that has followers of the worlds largest cryptocurrency wondering what happens next.

In its ruling, the SEC said it was unnerved by the lack of regulation in a market that is largely based outside of the U.S., and was worried....More>>>

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Honeywell International (HON) is doing what its bigger industrial competitor General Electric (GE) can’t–beating earnings forecasts and seeing its shares gains.

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Honeywell reported a profit of $1.66 a share, beating estimates for $1.62 a share, on sales of $9.49 billion, beating forecasts for $9.33 billion. Honeywell also lifted the bottom end of its....More>>>

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With the S&P 500 hitting another new high yesterday, UBS strategistJulian Emanuel and team wonder if buyback activity is signalling a market top:

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On one hand, many would argue that the emphasis on share repurchases is merely a sign of the times the US economy continues to grow (albeit slowly) while corporates enjoy ample balance sheet flexibility....More>>>

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Two weeks ago I made cybersecurity predictions for 2017, and it didnt take long for one of my predictions to be realized. In fact, it occurred before 2016 was even over.

Earlier this week federal indictments were brought against three Chinese nationals on charges of hacking into at least seven law firms and stealing inside information about mergers and acquisitions involving clients of the....More>>>