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Top 10 Stocks To Buy For 2018

Anadarko Petroleum Corporation (NYSE:APC) has had an excellent year in terms of its stock price. Seeing an increase of over 150% since its 52-week low of $28.16, it has been a stock to watch. The question now becomes harder than ever to tell if there is more room to grow. I believe this came down to one large decision, one that I find to have been made correctly.

Before I focus on that decision,....More>>>

best penny stocks

A Costco Wholesale warehouse location in Woodbridge, Virginia, January 5, 2016. (SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)

Costco’s Big Credit Card Bet Has Paid Off

Costco made a move in June 2016 that could have caused a massive disruption in its business. The company completed a plan to drop American Express and replace it with the Costco Anywhere Visa Card from Citi. It was a big risk....More>>>

Top 5 Heal Care Stocks For 2018

 Is the stock market predicting a victory by Donald Trump in next week's election?   According to Sam Stovall, chief investment strategist at equities-research firm CFRA, history suggests the odds of a Trump presidency may be higher than many folks believe. As he explained to financial-news network CNBC this week…  

Going back to World War II, the S&P 500 performance....More>>>

Top Blue Chip Stocks To Invest In 2018

The market is filled with stocks. Ever since bond yields went to zero as the Federal Reserve tried to rescue the economy from the mortgage crisis, it has forced people to go further out on the risk curve in order to get the income they had been used to getting from bonds.

Risk is the foremost concern of my stock advisory newsletter, The Liberty Portfolio. Most investors unknowingly take on....More>>>

Top 10 Blue Chip Stocks To Own For 2018

The tax bill passed by the House and Senate still hasn’t been signed by President Trump. But one blue chip company, FedEx, is already touting the potential for a nearly $1.5 billion increase in annual profits due to lower corporate taxes.

FedEx reported its latest quarterly results after the closing bell Tuesday, before the Senate voted to approve the bill.

But the shipping....More>>>