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Top 10 Cheap Stocks To Own Right Now

The biggest profits we’re eyeing from energy investing in 2017 stem from three major trends we will show you today.

As of early May, oil sits below $50. That’s bad news for U.S. oil drillers who spend a lot of money getting oil out of the ground.

A century and a half of successful oil drilling has left the United States with no more cheap-to-get oil. While the horizontal....More>>>

Top Cheap Stocks To Invest In 2018

Today, most of us walk around with little computers in our pockets.   The newest smartphones do everything that our desktop computers did just a few years ago… plus a lot more. From playing video games with your friends to finding a way around traffic on the highway, you can do it all instantly in the palm of your hand.   That added power doesn't come cheap, though… And....More>>>

Best Cheap Stocks To Invest In 2018

The storage market has enjoyed a tremendous run over the past few years. With demand for high-capacity storage exploding in order to feed the trend in big data processing, enterprises and hyperscale cloud computing vendors have been buying memory of all types hand-over-fist.

Western Digital (NASDAQ:WDC) makes non-volatile memory (which retains data even when power is turned off), both on....More>>>

Top 10 Performing Stocks To Own Right Now

For 2017 Eurobank (OTCPK:EGFEY) reported 104 million profit for the year, significantly down (-56%) from the 235 million profit in 2016. This mainly came from lower revenue (from ‘other income’) and higher costs (restructuring & taxes). The encouraging data points for me were that fee income grew by 14% and that operating expenses went down 1%.

Since Eurobank is in the midst....More>>>

Hot Cheap Stocks To Buy For 2019

While numerous biotechs work to find the next vaccine for the flu epidemic that wreaked havoc on the U.S. this Winter, Teladoc (TDOC) offers a digital solution that helps prevent the spread of the illness and allow patients to easily get the needed medical care. The stock isn’t cheap, but the best play in telehealth is a proven company now.

Attractive Model

The company....More>>>