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Top 10 Dividend Stocks To Invest In Right Now

Wheelers (NASDAQ:WHLR) third quarter earnings call was well orchestrated. The call explained how Wheeler was reducing risk, putting the worst of its troubles behind it, finalizing an extension with its lenders and covering its dividend. Clearly the script was written by its CFO, Wilkes Graham, who is a former research analyst and knows exactly what investors want to hear. The call had its intended....More>>>

Top 5 Cheap Stocks For 2018

The New 20% Pass-Through Tax Deduction: An Advisors Guide

Why Are So Many Advisors Leaving Wirehouses?

IRS Releases Tax Withholding Tables for 2018

It looks like a big exchange-traded fund investor went out bargain hunting and picked up some sector funds on the cheap.

Five of Fidelity Investments’ sector ETFs took in unprecedented amounts of cash Wednesday, totaling....More>>>

Top 10 Dividend Stocks For 2019

Ryman Hospitality Properties Inc (NYSE:RHP) files its latest 10-K with SEC for the fiscal year ended on December 31, 2017. Ryman Hospitality Properties Inc specializes in group-oriented, destination hotel assets in urban and resort markets. Ryman Hospitality Properties Inc has a market cap of $3.54 billion; its shares were traded at around $69.14 with a P/E ratio of 23.44 and P/S ratio of 3.05.....More>>>

Hot Dividend Stocks To Buy Right Now

As we close out 2017, it’s good to remind ourselves of what worked, and what didn’t. This past year, though, makes this introspective exercise rather tricky. Although Wall Street early on forecasted a rough 2017, the end result was quite the opposite. Benchmark indices hit all-time records, while most sectors witnessed tremendous optimism. Who needs dividend stocks at a time like this?


Top Cheap Stocks To Invest In 2018

House Republicans are proposing a major reform called a border adjustment tax. President Trump was against it, but he’s warming up to it. It could come up in his address to Congress on Tuesday night.

And if it passes, it’ll be a big deal for American consumers. It’s complicated, but stick with us. Here’s what you need to know.

What is it?

A border....More>>>