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At the beginning of the week, our Under the Radar Moversnewsletter suggested small cap development-stage biotech stock Heat Biologics Inc (NASDAQ: HTBX) as a long trade:

To really appreciate the potential upside of Heat Biologics, we have to take a step back and look at it from a distance. As you can see, while the July/August surge spent the next two months cooling off, the technical support....More>>>

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Tesla is down nearly 20% in the past 2 weeks. (Photo credit should read KARIM SAHIB/AFP/Getty Images)

Yesterday, Tesla closed at $308, down almost 20% in just 2 weeks. Sharp drops like this often scare lots of people out of the stock. But one of our top managers, Gorden Lam, is not selling. The best defense against making a bad decision is to take the emotion out of it. 


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“Knowledge will give you power, but character respect.” – Bruce Lee

A couple of Seeking Alpha followers have asked for an update on Portola Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:PTLA) in recent days. The stock still has not recovered from receiving a Complete Response Letter (CRL) from the FDA in mid-August around its primary drug candidate “AndexXa.”

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Top Safest Stocks To Watch For 2017

The price of U.S. crude oil has dipped below $50 for the first time since December as a global supplyglut persists despite production cuts by big exporters.

In November, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries and other oil-producing nations agreed to lowertheir output for much of 2017 to rein in chronic oversupply and to boost prices. But drilling and stockpiles of oil have continued....More>>>

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Bond investor Jeffrey Gundlach on Tuesday said theres more room to the upside for U.S. stocks, but that investors should peel off some of their exposure to equities and look to diversify into other markets, including India and Japan.

In a webcast, the chief executive of DoubleLine Capital also said he expects the Federal Reserve to raise rates at least twice and possibly three times this....More>>>