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Best China Stocks To Watch For 2018

BEIJING–China’s foreign-exchange reserves fell to the lowest level in nearly six years last month, testing the central bank’s resolve to control the weakening yuan’s descent to a pace it dictates.

The People’s Bank of China said Saturday that the world’s largest stockpile of foreign currency plunged by $41.08 billion in December to $3.011 trillion, the....More>>>

Top 10 Heal Care Stocks To Invest In Right Now

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Over the years, many dividend investors have been conditioned to believe that, at the sector level, utilities are a dividend mecca while technology is a dividend wasteland.


Hot Tech Stocks To Watch Right Now

About a year ago, I wrote one of my first articles here on Seeking Alpha, where I provided a valuation analysis on Teladoc (NYSE:TDOC). Trading at $12 a share at that time, I was valuing the stock at around $18. One year on, the stock price is at roughly $23, with 90%+ capital gain. On this occasion, I have decided to revalue Teladoc and come to the conclusion that the market is finally just about....More>>>