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Best Heal Care Stocks To Buy For 2019

At the height of the dot-com bubble, the Lycos search engine was worth about $240 per eyeball.   About 20 years ago, Internet evangelists argued that profits or even revenue no longer mattered… They created alternative valuations to measure Internet stocks, including the number of "eyeballs" they could attract.   Tech stocks soared. Bulls argued, "This time it's....More>>>

Top 10 Clean Energy Stocks To Watch Right Now

A month ago, Teslas closing stock price peaked at $383.45, and last week the stock closed below $330.

Tesla Inc. Powerpacks and inverters stand at the Southern California Edison Co. Mira Loma energy storage system facility in Ontario, California, U.S., on Thursday, June 1, 2017. The Mira Loma substation houses nearly 400 Tesla Powerpack units, in an effort to operate to state regulations....More>>>

Top 5 Tech Stocks To Invest In Right Now

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) may be the most profitable company in the world, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that its music-streaming business contributes much to the bottom line. In a recent research note, Macquarie Research analyst Ben Schachter estimated that Apple Music has a gross margin of just 15%. Apple does not disclose a lot of financial detail regarding Apple Music, since it’s a....More>>>

Hot Safest Stocks To Invest In Right Now

Widows and orphans have had a tough few months.   Long-term U.S. Treasury bonds – often cited as the safest investment on the planet and suitable for the most cautious investors – lost more than seven years' worth of income in just the past four months.   Lending money to the U.S. government for 30 years in exchange for a 2% yield turned out not to be such a good idea.....More>>>

Top Stocks To Own For 2018

The big headline out early on Monday is that Italy is likely to be run by a novice.

Giuseppe Conte — a little-known 54-year-old professor who specializes in public administration law and has hardly any political experience — has emerged as the frontrunner to be prime minister for Italy's nascent populist government, according to Italian media.

Welcome to more populism,....More>>>