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Best Casino Stocks To Own For 2017

Over the past few years, the Gulf carriers have become more and more of a threat to legacy carriers around the world. There is a lot to be said about how fair this competition is or how unfair it is. In this article series, I want to look at how Gulf carriers quickly expanded and how not everything has packed out the way they wanted and what current market conditions means for orders and deliveries....More>>>

Top 10 Performing Stocks To Watch Right Now

Gold (SPDR Gold Shares GLD) added 1.95% since the start of this year. Gold miners (VanEck Vectors Gold Miners GDX) soared more than 7% – outperforming almost every single ETF this year.

In this article, I want to explain how this could happen and what I think is going to happen next.

As most of you know, I wrote a few bearish articles during the past few months. Below are two....More>>>

what is an investment

President-elect Donald J. Trump’s decision to pick Steven Mnuchin, a former Goldman Sachs partner, as the next Treasury Secretary is driving hopes on Wall Street that government sponsored mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will be privatized in the new administration. “We’ve got to get them out of government control,” Mnuchin told Fox Business News on Wednesday morning....More>>>

Hot Casino Stocks To Invest In Right Now

Often times, you can’t know where you are going unless you know where you have been and how you got to where you are.

REITs have been traveling a difficult road over the last few months, testing the patience and conviction of many investors. As a result, we thought it might be helpful to look at where we have been and how we believe we have gotten to this point.

First, a look....More>>>

Top 10 Performing Stocks To Watch For 2017

November 11, 2016: Markets opened lower Friday and did not move much from the breakeven line for most of the day. Friday’s best performing sectors were real estate and consumer discretionary stocks, with energy and materials the worst performers. WTI crude oil for December delivery settled at $43.41 a barrel, down 2.8% for the day and down 1.5% for the week. December gold dropped 3.3% on the....More>>>