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Top 10 Canadian Stocks To Own Right Now


Billions of funding dollars have poured into blockchain companies this year, and token sales in 2017 alone have amassed about $2 billion, already crushing last years token-sale total of $256 million.

But amid the seemingly undying hype of initial coin offerings, private investments into blockchain companies have risen to a new high as well — topping $4.5 billion....More>>>

Top Oil Stocks To Buy Right Now

Last week, small cap food sciences stockLexaria Bioscience Corp (OTCQB: LXRP)announced a deal with Hempco Food and Fiber (OTCMKTS: HMPPF; TSXV: HEMP) that will take hemp foods to the next level. First of all, hemp is a variety of the Cannabis sativa plant species that is grown for the industrial uses of its derived products as the plant material can be refined into justabout anything,including paper,....More>>>

Top 5 Dividend Stocks To Own For 2018

Back in November 2015, I wrote about why Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) stood at over 25% of my total portfolio (25% Allocation to Apple – Too Much Risk?). Seventeen months later, and a 22% gain (ex-dividends), I will now try make a case for why investors should be wary of holding shares in the company over the near future and why I am strongly considering reducing my exposure to the company.


Top 10 Oil Stocks To Watch For 2018

U.S. equities notched fresh record highs on Thursday thanks to comments from President Donald Trump that specific tax reform plans — something “phenomenal” in his words — would be announced in the next two or three weeks. This single handedly revitalized the pro-Trump dynamic on Wall Street that had faded in recent days amid political bickering, a poorly received immigration....More>>>

Best Oil Stocks To Own For 2018

Investors had plenty of surprises in November. Big gains by stocks during the month only added to the unexpected events.

The Standard & Poor’s 500 index rose 3.6% during November, an overdue change from what had been months of months of listless trading. But even more impressive were the 10 stocks in the index, including energy firm Marathon Oil (MRO), materials company Freeport-McMoRan....More>>>