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Top 5 China Stocks To Watch For 2019

Nike Inc. (NYSE: NKE) is scheduled to release its most recent quarterly results in the coming week, but one analyst has already weighed in on the apparel giant. As we all know, Nike was the worst performing Dow Jones Industrial Average stock in 2016, but so far in 2017 it has been one of the better performing Dow stocks. According to the analyst’s report, the company stands to run even more....More>>>

Hot China Stocks To Buy For 2019

As CNBC’s Jim Cramer watched an amalgam of unrelated stocks climb on Thursday, he realized that there was a key driver behind the bounce: China.

“I know Im in the minority when I say this, at least among professional commentators, but todays rebound was all about China blinking,” the “Mad Money” host said.

Cramer posited this theory to help justify why....More>>>

Best China Stocks To Watch Right Now

Here’s something strange about the current state of the markets. The biggest headline by far that’s rattling the market news is the escalation of U.S.-China trade tensions, driven primarily by U.S. allegations that China is overly aggressive when it comes to taking U.S. technologies. Indeed, some of the largest and most successful Chinese companies are mostly known to western investors....More>>>

Top China Stocks To Own For 2019

The market has cooled on Chinese dot-com stocks in recent months, but I’m not the market. I initiated a position in Sogou (NYSE:SOGO) earlier this month. China’s second-largest search engine went public at $13 in early November, and after an initially warm investor reception, the stock started to break down. It’s been a busted IPO — trading below $13 — since late November.