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Why Natura Might Be The Ideal Buyer For The Body Shop Brand

As L’Oreal revealed the prospective buyer for The Body Shop, some of the brand’s loyal users may have heaved a collective sigh of relief. As we discussed earlier, L’Oreal was in talks with a few entities to sell The Body Shop, the brand that it acquired from Anita Roddick back in 2006. It has been revealed that leading Brazilian beauty company Natura is expected to buy....More>>>

Grand Canyon Education Is Still A Growth Stock

Long time readers will know that Grand Canyon Education (NASDAQ:LOPE) has been a core holding of my $100M fund for the last five years. Grand Canyon operates a beautiful 300-acre college campus ten miles north of downtown Phoenix. The school will enroll 17,000 ‘ground students’ next fall. It also has over 60,000 online students, most of whom are adult learners (over 21 years old) seeking....More>>>

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PHOENIX — For car collectors and enthusiasts, January is one of the busiest times of the year, with tons of collector car events across metro Phoenix.

From Jan. 14 to 22, thousands of hot rods, pre-war classics, sports cars and other collectibles will be on display. And if youre lucky enough to have the money, you can bid on one of the many cars up for auction.

Here are six collector....More>>>

3 New Individual Health Verification Secrets

Fiduciary Rule Confusion Hangs Over S&P Conference Life Sessions

How the Fiduciary Rule Will Squeeze Your Shelf

Securities Analyst Fears Hidden Life Company Assumption Risk

The federal agency that runs has just given insurance agents and brokers more information about how the tough new special enrollment period verification process will really work.


Trump proposes private air-traffic control to…

President Trump proposed Monday to privatize air-traffic control as a way make flights more reliable, but critics worry the move isnt worth the risk.

Our plan will get you where you need to go more quickly, more reliably, more affordably and yes, for the first time in a long time, on time, Trump said. Its about time.

Charlie Leocha, president of Travelers United, a consumer-advocacy....More>>>