Best Stocks To Buy For 2013: Railroad

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WhenTransCanada (NYSE: TRP  ) first announced its plan to construct the Keystone XL pipeline, I’m sure company executives never thought it would wind up as one of the most polarizing environmental symbols in recent memory. Nor could they have predicted that the approval process would take, well, forever. The exceedingly long duration of that process has allowed the Keystone XL to grow from a large pipeline to a larger than life feedstock for environmental, political, and economic arguments, and even a conspiracy theory or two. Some have really taken to the notion, for example, that Warren Buffett has a hand in delaying the pipeline project in order to boost his railroad business. The theory is that Buffett is encouraging President Obama into stalling on his decision to approve or deny Keystone XL. If the President does deny Keystone XL, the thinking goes, that is only further proof of Buffett’s hold on … Continue reading

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Tutor Perini Corporation (TPC) has secured a $133 million contract from National Railroad Passenger Corporation or Amtrak. As per the contract, Tutor Perini will build an underground concrete casing under the Eastern Rail Yard of the Hudson Yards site in New York City. Amtrak is the U.S. intercity passenger rail provider and high-speed rail operator. The corporation operates commuter rail systems on behalf of several states and transit agencies. The project is the cornerstone for Amtraks Gateway Program which targets rail service expansion through two proposed tunnels underneath the Hudson River. The tunnels will directly connect New Jersey and Penn Station in order to double capacity across the Hudson River. However, trains passing through the new tunnels would cross an area on Manhattans west side kept aside for mixed-use development through a right-of-way. But without the tunnel box, construction of the new tunnels will be impossible. According to the deal, … Continue reading

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The board of directors of railroad products manufacturer Wabtec (NYSE: WAB  ) was busy yesterday, announcing it was increasing its quarterly dividend payment by 60% while simultaneously splitting the company’s stock. The board said it was raising the payout from $0.025 per share to $0.04 per share on Aug. 30 for shareholders of record as of Aug. 16. This marks the third consecutive year Wabtec has increased the dividend. The stock split, which will be paidJune 11to shareholders of recordJune 3, would be a100% stock dividend and shareholders would receive one additional share of Wabtec’s stock for each share they own on the record date. It expects the stock to begin trading at the split-adjusted price onJune 12. The new dividend payment equates to a $0.16-per-share annual dividend yielding 0.1% based on the closing price of Wabtec’s stock on May 14. Hot Railroad Stocks To Own For 2015: WebMD Health Corp … Continue reading

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As big-bank watchers well know, Bank of America (NYSE: BAC  ) , has been being beaten up again recently over problems tied to mortgages — specifically, the bank’s alleged behavior toward troubled mortgage borrowers. While this kind of press tends to perpetuate the notion that B of A will never get over its acquisition of Countrywide and its boatloads of bad loans, this is not truly the case. Even as high-profile cases like the bank’s supposed railroading of homeowners trying to find a way out of their personal mortgage muddle hog headlines, the bank is chugging along, reducing its stable of toxic loans. There’s no doubt that Bank of America is making headway in that regard. A recent Bloomberg articlenoted that, of the 1.6 million problem loans the bank once had on its books, only 667,000 remain. This has led to reductions in the bank’s Legacy Asset Servicing unit, which corralled … Continue reading

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Let’s face it, building pipeline to move oil and gas takes a long time, and several refiners and exploration and production companies just can’t wait around for these pipes to get built. That is a large reason why HollyFrontier (NYSE: HFC  ) just announced that it and its midstream subsidiary Holly Energy Partners (NYSE: HEP  ) plan to add rail capacity of 70,000 barrels per day to its operations to move oil from Holly Energy’s pipes in Southeast New Mexico to HollyFrontier’s refining facilities in the region. HollyFrontier joins a growing list of refiners that are using rail to supply crude for its operations, and it looks as though this is a pretty advantageous relationship for both refiners and railroad companies. in this video, contributor Tyler Crowe looks at some of the advantages of moving crude via rail has for both parties and if this trend will continue as more pipeline … Continue reading