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People always have great dreams for what their business can become, and some start off on the OTC market. Some of the companies have great ideas which, despite all obstacles, turn successful – others, for whatever reason (there could be dozens) don’t make it past the start-up stage. When trading any particular company’s stock, a first rule should be that it doesn’t matter whether you think it’s a company that will be the next Wal-Mart, or one doomed for failure- that company’s stock will have highs, lows, big gains and big decreases on its way to its final destiny. Within that time some investors will make money through their investment, and others may lose. Best India Stocks In 2013: (NESTLE.BO) Nestle India Limited engages in the manufacture and sale of various food products in India and internationally. The company offers milk products and nutrition products, beverages, prepared dishes and cooking … Continue reading

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Penny stocks allow investors and traders to get a foothold in the market, without needing to be a millionaire Wall. St. insider. It’s easy to find penny stocks that go from .02 to .10, but it’s almost impossible to find a stock that goes from $25 to $125/share. Penny stocks have the potential to make big profits for smaller investors. The reasons for why penny stocks make such huge moves are many- but there are a few main causes. One- because the companies are relatively small, and typically, relatively new, they often can take the market by surprise with some breaking event. Some people might be following a particular penny stock, maybe holding some shares or maybe waiting for the company to announce some breaking news- and if/when they do, it catches the attention of those watching and it those who see it starting to ‘go crazy’ as investors and … Continue reading