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Is there no end to Samsung’s smartphone crusade? The latest numbers from IDC show Samsung took the top smartphone-shipping spot in Finland — leaving Nokia (NYSE: NOK  ) in second place. It seems that Nokia, at least for now, is being beat on its own turf. Hit ‘em where it hurts Samsung has been on a smartphone rampage over the past few years. Most of its energy has been directed toward Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL  ) , its chief competitor. Apple currently holds the No. 3 spot in worldwide mobile market share, while Nokia clings to No. 2, and Samsung takes the first spot. Though Nokia holds the No. 2 place in market share, the company’s grip is quickly loosening as Apple and Samsung spread their smartphones across the globe. That race has finally hit the birthplace of Nokia, and Samsung is now taking that country as well. Samsung shipped 211,000 devices this … Continue reading

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There are three aspects of portfolio review, Rustagi explains. The first one being reviewing asset allocation as it decides the kind of diversification in a portfolio. The second aspect is, within an asset class, an investor has to ensure that there are right kinds of investment options in the portfolio. The third important feature is to measure the performance. As far as frequency of portfolio review is concerned, in terms of asset allocation, it makes sense to look at it once in a year. The reason being that one year is good enough time for an asset to perform. The second is it becomes more tax efficient to rebalance the portfolio. Below is the edited transcript of the interview Q: How crucial is it for investors to keep reviewing their portfolio? More importantly, how often should you do it – should it be done on a monthly basis, quarterly basis, … Continue reading

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Source: thinkstockAugust 26, 2013: U.S. markets opened slightly higher this morning, held in check by limited data releases in Europe and Asia, and a decidedly downbeat report on U.S. durable goods orders. The markets traded along slightly higher most of the day until late afternoon when Secretary of State John Kerry stated that Syria had indeed used chemical weapons against its own citizens, causing fears that a U.S. military response would further destabilize the region and affect global equities prices. European and Asian markets closed mixed today, while Latin American markets closed lower. On Tuesdays calendar, San Francisco Fed President John Williams is giving a speech and we are scheduled for the following data releases and events: Best Chemical Stocks To Own Right Now: OCI Partners LP (OCIP) OCI Partners LP, incorporated on February 07, 2013, owns and operates an integrated methanol and ammonia production facility that is strategically located … Continue reading

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Whether it is living on a budget or eating to a diet plan, or having a running program the most important (and often neglected) portion is RECORDING your thoughts and actions. Let us assume you think you know what is happening to your eating, running or saving, that is enough, right? Wrong. Completely wrong. You need to write down the actual proceedings as it happens. Corporate World has a Budget, and a Budget Compliance committee. This committee makes a continuous comparison of the actual with the budgeted numbers. This gives us a basis for a) Corrective action or b) Revising the Budget. If you thought that equities will give you ATLEAST 18% p.a. you were proved wrong from say 2007 to 2012. So maybe you need corrective action. Let us say you DECIDE to maintain an Investment Diary similarly for all your investing Assuming a diary is a place where you … Continue reading

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While rising interest rates are dampening the housing market in general, the high-end segment of the market continues to be resilient. In addition to new housing, remodeling activity remains on the uptrend, which is positive for the carpet and floor covering niche of the home-furnishing industry. Investors should look at small-cap carpet manufacturer Dixie Group (NASDAQ: DXYN), for a potential 60 percent stock price increase over the next year. Dixie Group has delivered 37 percent sales growth in 2013 and is projected to increase earnings per share (EPS) by 190 percent over the next two years. Despite this expected growth, the stock trades at a 65 percent discount to its enterprise value. Dixie Group is a manufacturer and marketer of carpet and rugs to high-end residential customers through the Fabrica International, Masland Residential and Dixie Home brands. The company began its operations in 1920 and transitioned from textiles to floor … Continue reading