SPYR Inc is Upping its eSports Game

Late last week, small cap mobile gaming stock SPYR Inc (OTCQB: SPYR) announced big progress to turn its flagship game Pocket Starshipsinto a major force in the eSports market as the game now includes new player vs. player (PvP) features. Getting into eSports will be key for SPYR Inc as according to Newzoos 2017 Global Esports Market Reportreleased earlier this year:

The coming year will see theEsports Economygrow to $696 million, a year-on-year growth of 41.3%. Brands are expected to spend $517 million, broken down into $155 million on advertising, $266 million on sponsorship, and a further $95 million on media rights. Brand investment will double by 2020, pushing the total market to $1.5 billion. Consumer spending this year on tickets and merchandise will amount to $64 million. Another $116 million is invested by game publishers into the esports industry through partnership deals with white-label organizers.

The report did note that for most game publishers, eSports is currently not a profitable business. However, their investment is justified by the positive impact on game revenues and the future potential of their eSports activities as a stand-alone business.

Utilizing the popular “freemium” monetization model, which leverages advertising as well as in-app purchases, SPYR Inc has already developed and published a diverse range of fun and engaging social games for mobile devices. With the latest updates, SPYR Incs Pocket Starships players can now engage in direct PvP arena battles (either one on one, three on three or five on five) simply by pressing a “quick match” button in the game.In the battles, players can go solo or team up to defeat their opponents and move up the new game leaderboards and league system. In addition, the update also included these additional enhancements of the game to optimize performance on all published platforms:

Rework of the Asset and Graphic system Upgrade Frontend Engine New Leaderboards New League System Rework of the Backend Instance System

The CEO/President stated:

“We are constantly working with our development team to iterate Pocket Starships in a way that keeps the game updated and relevant, as well as being responsive to the needs and desires of our players. Doing so can only serve to increase retention and monetization. This most recent update adds many new elements that are designed to accomplish these goals; the most notable of which is the added competitive aspects of the game that come with the new PvP functionality, laying the groundwork for SPYR to enter the esports arena.

It should be noted that Pocket Starships is well positioned for eSportsbecauseits alsoavailable to gamers on a wide range of platforms and devices, including iOS, Android, tablets, PCs, Macs, Kindles, Amazon and Facebook.

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