Here’s what’s in the Senate tax bill – and how it differs from the House’s bill

Republicans crossed another major hurdle in their effort to get a tax bill to President Trump’s desk by Christmas.

In the early hours of Saturday morning, the Senate passed a sweeping tax overhaul bill in largely party-line vote.

Just one Republican, Tennessee Senator Bob Corker, voted against it on deficit concerns. The Congressional Budget Office estimated the bill would....More>>>

Twitter announces all-women speaker lineup at major tech event

Twitter is hosting an event next month at one of tech’s largest global conferences that will feature only high-profile female speakers.

The company says the event is a response to the Consumer Electronic Show’s all-male lineup of keynote speakers, which has been sharply criticized.

Among those scheduled to appear for Twitter are General Electric (GE) marketing chief....More>>>

Top 5 Penny Stocks To Own For 2018

Many people expect their living costs to drop in retirement, and while this might be true in certain cases, it isn’t always. Healthcare alone can eat up a large chunk of the average retiree’s budget, while other expenses, like housing, food, and transportation can really add up.

Since there’s a good chance you’ll need every penny you can get as a senior, you should....More>>>

How You Can Catch The Market's Biggest Fish

Investing takes patience.

I was reminded of this over the Thanksgiving break as I impatiently waited for that derby-winning fish to bite. As I sat there bobbing in the boat trying to stay warm in the sub-30 degree temperatures in the panhandle of northern Idaho, I realized that fishing is similar to investing in the stock market.

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Top 10 Canadian Stocks To Own Right Now


Billions of funding dollars have poured into blockchain companies this year, and token sales in 2017 alone have amassed about $2 billion, already crushing last years token-sale total of $256 million.

But amid the seemingly undying hype of initial coin offerings, private investments into blockchain companies have risen to a new high as well — topping $4.5 billion....More>>>