Meet the “Green” Hospital That’s Fueled by a Millennia-Old Energy Technology

Dr. Kent MoorsDr. Kent Moors

Edgerton, Wis., is a small community of fewer than 6,000 people southeast of Madison, the state capital.

A few years ago, the management of its local hospital looked around for ways to reduce rising heating and cooling costs.

The facility was just opening, and the hospital needed ways to contain expenses.

What it came up with may just be a model that could be applied throughout the country.

Edgerton Hospital decided to use an innovative form of energy that has been around for over a millennium. And so far, the results have been impressive.

Last month marked five years since the hospital has opened. Thus far, the amount of money it has saved in natural gas costs has already paid for the about $850,000 cost of the system…

Six years ahead of schedule.

Beginning this month, the building is saving $15,000 in energy with prospects that the total savings may be improving.

And that’s just the start…

This is what the system looks like:

If you haven’t guessed it by now, the innovative source of energy that Edgerton Hospital is utilizing is geothermal.

Now geothermal is, at least in principle, a renewable energy that is easy to understand. It makes use of the heat found underground to provide heat and generate electricity. In some locations, it’s a no-brainer.

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Take Iceland, for example, where the absolute majority of national energy comes from geothermal. Of course, having as many volcanoes as they do makes that a rather straight-forward decision.

However, back in the small town in Wisconsin, the approach is different from most of the geothermal approaches with which you may be familiar…

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Dr. Kent MoorsDr. Kent Moors

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