Hot Healthcare Technology Companies To Buy For 2014

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Hot Healthcare Technology Companies To Buy For 2014: American Superconductor Corporation(AMSC)

American Superconductor Corporation, together with its subsidiaries, provides wind and power grid products and services primarily in North America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific. The company?s Wind segment designs, develops, and licenses engineered wind turbine designs to wind turbine manufactures; provides engineering and customer support services; supplies power electronics and software-based control systems to wind turbine manufactures to regulate voltage, control power flows, and maximize wind turbine efficiency; offers consulting services to the wind industry; and provides products that enhance power quality for industrial operations. This segment serves the transmission and distribution, wind power, and manufacturing industries. Its Grid segment manufactures high-temperature superconductor wire and coils; designs and develops superconductor products, such as power cables, fault current limiters, electric motors, generators, and synchronous condensers; manages large-s cale superconductor projects; and provides transmission planning services that identify power grid congestion, poor power quality, and other risks. This segment?s products enable electric utilities and renewable energy project developers to connect, transmit, and distribute power. Its products include D-VAR systems that provide the reactive power needed to stabilize voltage on the grid, and are used to connect wind farms and solar power plants to the power grid; SolarTie Grid Interconnection Systems, which provide the inversion and reactive compensation necessary to connect megawatt-scale solar photovoltaic power plants to the power grid; superconductor wires for various applications, including motors, generators, fault current limiters, and power cables; and power cable systems that are manufactured by third parties, as well as turnkey project management services to electric utilities. American Superconductor Corporation was founded in 1987 and is headquartered in Devens, M assachusetts.

Advisors’ Opinion:

  • [By Stephen]

    American Superconductor (AMSC) is a leading provider of the electronics that power wind power systems, where it presents substantial barriers to entry and growth potential is enormous. The company has grown revenues every year of the past decade, its profit margins top 10% and it’s still relatively undiscovered.

Hot Healthcare Technology Companies To Buy For 2014: Visteon Corporation(VC)

Visteon Corporation supplies automotive systems, modules, and components to automotive original equipment manufacturers worldwide. The company offers a range of electronics products, including audio/infotainment systems and components, such as base radio/CD head units, infotainment head units, audiophile systems and amplifiers, rear seat family entertainment systems, digital and satellite radios, HD and DAB broadcast tuners, MACH voice link technology, and connectivity solutions for portable devices; driver information systems comprising instrument clusters and displays to assist driving; and powertrain and feature control modules, including controllers for fuel pumps, transfer cases, tuning valves, and security and voltage regulation systems. It also provides electronic climate controls, such as single zone manual electronic and automatic multiple zone modules, as well as integrated audio and climate control assemblies; and lighting products consisting of headlamps, stop lamps, and fog lamps. In addition, the company offers integrated heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, which include evaporators, condensers, heater cores, climate controls, compressors, air handling cases, and fluid transport systems; and components and modules that provide cooling and thermal management for the vehicle?s engine and transmission, as well as for batteries and power electronics on hybrid and electric vehicles. Further, it provides interior products, including cockpit modules, which incorporate structural, electronic, climate control, mechanical, and safety components; door panels/modules and interior trim products; and console modules, which deliver storage options. The company was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Van Buren Township, Michigan.

Best Small Cap Stocks To Invest In Right Now: Montpelier RE Holdings Ltd (MRH)

Montpelier Re Holdings Ltd., through its subsidiaries, provides insurance and reinsurance solutions worldwide. It provides reinsurance products, including property catastrophe reinsurance, which provides coverage for losses from earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, tornados, fires, and storms; and property specialty reinsurance products. The company also offers other specialty reinsurance products, such as aviation liability, aviation war, engineering, space, marine, personal accident, workers

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