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Businesses added 298,000 jobs last month, ADP says

A labor-market survey on Wednesday provided the latest signal that job growth is strengthening along with business confidence.

Payroll processor ADP said businesses added 298,000 private-sector jobs in February, significantly above the 189,000 forecast. The figure was the latestpositive readingon the labor market following a strong hiring report from LinkedIn, low jobless claims, and a surge....More>>>

Buy Mahanagar Gas; target of Rs 1093: CD Equisearch

CD Equisearch’s research report on Mahanagar Gas

Double digit growth in Indian PVC sector for last few years have not come about through a handful of factors but India is the third largest energy consumer in the world after China and USA, and with growing demand for power, cooking gas and transport, Indias energy demand is expected to rise in future. Despite having environment friendly....More>>>

2 Dividend Stocks Better Than General Electric Company

General Electric (NYSE:GE) has fallen on very hard times as it works through a massive corporate overhaul. That said, dividend investors might be attracted to its iconic name and generous 3.4% dividend yield. However, there are better options in the industrial space today. Take a look at Eaton (NYSE:ETN) and ABB (NYSE:ABB), because each yields around the same as GE without the same turnaround baggage.


7 Stocks With ‘Tax Cut’ Dividend Increases on Tap

Congress and President Donald Trump passed a historic tax cut late last year, lowering the corporate tax rate from 35% to 21%. This monumental legislation should place hundreds of billions of dollars back in the hands of corporations. But which companies will put these dollars in the hands of investors as dividend increases?

Some companies will use the money saved — or repatriated from....More>>>

Here’s Why Some Tax Refunds Are Delayed In 2017


Taxpayers are already voicing their displeasure about delayed tax refunds in 2017 – and tax season just opened. However, not all of the information that is being shared about the delay is correct. The delays are not discretionary, the decision to hold refunds is not controlled by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), and not all taxpayers will be affected. Here’s what....More>>>