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Top 10 Integrated Utility Companies To Invest In Right Now

Looking for another way to lower the price of your next car? Order a custom-built car from the factory, using a dealer as a conduit for the sale and delivery. Many Europeans purchase cars this way. But it’s less common in the U.S., where dealerships tend to stock their lots with vehicles crammed with “popular” option packages, some of which tack on costly extras that you may not....More>>>

Top Insurance Stocks To Invest In Right Now

If youre looking for a core group of ETFs that you can buy and hold through many years of retirement, check out the following five Vanguard funds. Two are bond ETFs that should provide some insurance against a stock market crash, along with a bit of income on the side. A third pick covers a broad swath of the U.S. stock market, and a fourth does the same for overseas bourses, offering potential....More>>>

10 Best Medical Stocks To Invest In 2017 recently interviewed the chairman, CEO and founder Waqaas Al-Siddiq small cap wearables stock Biotricity (OTCQB: BTCY) about how wearables benefit patients, integrate into healthcare systems and improve treatment compliance as well as how the cloud and the Internet of Things impact the medical wearables space. biotricitys is a medical technology company focused on delivering innovative,....More>>>

Top 5 New Companies To Own For 2017

Donald Trump wants to increase the amount of corn ethanol blended with gasoline, while eliminating the primary incentive for blending corn ethanol with gasoline.

That, at least, is my major takeaway from Mr. Trump’s most recent economic policy speech. The media has focused on Mr. Trump’s pledge during the speech to achieve U.S. GDP growth of 4% per year if he is elected to the....More>>>

Top Value Companies To Invest In 2017

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Much has been written about Business Development Companies, including the two most popular BDC choices, Prospect Capital Corp. (NASDAQ:PSEC) and Main Street Capital Corp. (NYSE:MAIN). I do own both companies, but Prospect Capital has been the larger position of the two for me, so I admit to being a little biased here.

Forever (it seems) it is being discussed on Seeking....More>>>